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Boys Hostel
The college has a boy’s hostel facility which provides good hostel accommodation for the students. the boys’ hostel is managed by the care of the institution. It has well-furnished conveniences with a conducive environment for rigorous academic pursuits. A home away from home, the hostel has a regular timetable tailored to the requirements of the growing generation. Currently, the hostel accommodates 75 students.

Girls Hostel
The college has a girl's hostel facility which provides good hostel accommodation for the students. the girls’ hostel caters to the girls doing their studies at the institution. It is located within the campus and is run by MSMHC Sisters. Being personally supervised and monitored by the Sisters, the hostel is a safe and happy home away from home.

The college has Gym facilities for all students.

The college library is the knowledge resource center of the college. It caters to the needs of the staff and student-teachers. Library is well stocked with text and reference books recommended by NCTE. The library has prime sources like journals, magazines, encyclopedia, dictionaries, CD-ROM databases and e-journals to enhance the knowledge of the staff and student-teachers. It also includes e-library and library is fully automated.
The library is open on all working days from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM.
Absolute silence should be maintained in and around the library.
Students should register their entry in the gate entry register whenever they access the library.
Check the condition of books before leaving the counter.
Each student may borrow 2 library books at a time after registration on the register in the presence of the librarian.
Students should wrap the books borrowed by them to avoid mutilation and damage.
Books will be issued to students under a load for a period of two weeks. Books may be renewed further if not reserved.
Books must be returned on or before the prescribed date.
Loss of any books should be immediately reported to the librarian in the prescribed form available in the library.
When the book is lost or damaged, the student must replace it with a new copy of the same edition or pay the book cost along with the handling cost etc. as applicable.

Wifi Enabled Campus
To be Updated.

The college has sports facilities for all students. has its special stress on the importance of sports and games. The ample playgrounds on the campus including volleyball courts, football courts, cricket pitches, ensure that the students get more focused on their goals by being mentally as well as physically strong. These aid them to work with a team and to manage themselves, to enable their minds for imagination, develop problem-solving skills, ensure necessary balance in their outlook towards the surroundings, and finally for a fit and healthy lifestyle.

The college has a canteen facility for staff and students.

The college has an auditorium facility for events and seminars. has a well-designed auditorium where recreational activities and celebrations are held. It is also used to conduct assemblies, meeting for all the students and teachers, curricular and creative activities such as dramatics, music, debates, etc.

The college has a health center with a first aid facility for the students.

IT Infrastructure
The college has an excellent IT Infrastructure facility for the students.

Digital learning combined with technology, content, and instruction is the call of the time. To ensure such we facilitate instructional practices of learning content with the effective and best use of technology for the students. Digital classrooms provide such a platform for the students here in the school.

The institute also provides means of transportation for its students through the number of owned buses it has. The students are specified about the timing and are assisted in the best way possible for a safe and sound school trip to and fro.

The college has a departmental-based laboratory facility for the students. labs are a great place for students which help them enhance their learning by understanding the theoretical concepts of science which are taught in classrooms. The college's well-designed laboratories not only make science experiments fun but also help students in achieving good academic results.

Guest Room
The college has guest house/waiting room facilities for visiting faculty and student family members.