Welcome to Don Bosco B.Ed College, Yadgiri...

General Guidelines

  • Switch off the lights and fans when not in use.
  • Maintain silence when moving from one class to another class to attend core/optional course.
  • Avoid eating in the class rooms. Use the dustbins kept on the corridor to dispose the waste.
  • Keep the classroom neat and clean. Avoid stickling or scribbling on the walls/desks/benches.
  • As students enter the campus the mobiles must be in switched-off mode and kept in their purses/pockets/bags and not taken out for any reason until they leave the premises.
  • Any communication through mobile (Oral or SMS) should be done outside the college entrance gate.
  • Avoid going to canteen during class hours.
  • Use water judiciously. Avoid wasting drinking water.
  • Avoid collecting money for any reason without obtaining prior permission from Principal.
  • Students are encouraged to use the boxes kept on the ground floor to express their appreciation or their grievances or suggestions.
  • Racing the vehicles or driving without wearing helmet or use of vehicles with defective silencers or parking the vehicles of any description outside the parking area in the campus will not be entertained.